About Us

At Ravioli, we take health, fitness and wellness seriously. Science and research proved that what we eat, how we sweat and how we interact influence our weight and physical and mental health. We understand that every individual is unique and his/her path to health is unique. Therefore, we carefully analyse current eating and exercise habits before we customize an executable plan for each individual. Each part of our magnificent body-machinery has specific nutrition needs at specific time and Ravioli consultation comes with all guidelines.Though consultation is optional at Ravioli, many of our clients including celebrities prefer to start their journey here with consultation from certified nutritionist and fitness expert.

Our passionate chefs at Ravioli work very closely with nutritionists and craft meals every day in our Ravioli kitchens. We source natural and fresh ingredients every day and prepare meals on the day of delivery. Our chefs use global recipes and innovative food prep methods to prepare delicious and nutritious meals based on client’s preferences and dietary restrictions. Every day meals are prepared and packaged in hygienic and happy atmosphere so that our clients consume tasty and fresh food.

While food is a necessary fuel, exercise is essential medicine for human body. Whether you are looking for a low impact workout or new fitness challenge, our fitness experts can design exercise regimen for individuals based on fitness goals. There is no evidence that eating 1500-2500 calories of nutritious food alone without any physical exercise could help humans live longer and healthier. Did you know that Susruta of India was the first “recorded” physician to prescribe moderate daily exercise as medicine for health and disease prevention?

Sometimes little support can go a long way and we understand how important support is for our clients especially while breaking bad eating and activity habits. We tag our clients like accountability coaches, hold them to their actions, and encourage them towards the path of healthy living starting with food and grocery selection (if required). Ravioli support comes with food journals, activity trackers and tons of love and care to help our clients overcome food temptations and lazy habits.Ravioli support is provided for free of cost to clients who choose Ravioli consultation, Ravioli meal plans and Ravioli fitness plan.

About Vijay Mangam
Founder of Ravioli Fit Foods

Hi, I’m Vijay Mangam, Certified Precision Nutritionist and Founder of Ravioli Fit Foods. By education and experience,I am an Engineer and Businessman. While working in the UK, I personally suffered physically and emotionally because of lack of affordable, healthy and nutritious meals. So I went on a mission to not only educate myself on food & nutrition but also to make nutritious food available for people around me. I became very passionate about healthy eating after learning about the amazing connection between nutrition in food and health. When administered with proper guidelines, food can do miracles with human body and even help heal from ailments or medical conditions.My goal is to encourage people to eat healthy, stay fit and adopt a healthy lifestyle irrespective of the profession or work atmosphere. Ravioli Fit Foods is a one stop shop for healthy food, nutrition and fitness consultation.

  • MBA, MS (UK), Certified Precision Nutritionist (Canada)
  • Metallurgist(UK) --> Managing Director at Bhanu castings (India)--> Founder at Ravioli
  • Lean muscle machine