Ravioli’s expertise is in health and wellness. You have the following options:

  1. Schedule a meeting with Ravioli nutritionist/fitness expert, set up your goals and get your crafted meals at your doorstep (preferred)
  2. Schedule a meeting with Ravioli nutritionist/fitness expert and kickstart your journey on health and wellness with education.
  3. Directly place an order for Ravioli meals

Your first delivery date of meals should be at least 24hrs after you place an order. All meals of the day will be delivered via Dunzo in one run.

We are not meal-kit company. Our meals are prepared fresh on the same day of delivery with fresh and organic ingredients. Please note that our meals are Ravioli nutritionist approved. No shopping, cooking or cleaning required.

Yes, you can also place an on demand order on our foods via Zomato or Swiggy.

One of the core reasons we founded Ravioli was because we wanted to combine nutrition, and deliciousness into perfectly packed meal box that is well portioned. There are also too many places around that uses labels like “healthy” as just a marketing word and that bothered us. We design each meal with nutrition in mind and no meal leaves the door without our nutritionist approval.We believe that you don't need all cheap, processed ingredients to make food taste good, which is why we are focussed on bringing out amazing flavours from organic and fresh ingredients. Our chefs work hand-in-hand with our nutritionist/fitness expert to ensure that your meals are honestly nutritious & delicious, all packed with good macro and micronutrients.

Quality is a top priority for us at Ravioli! Therefore, we always strive to source the highest quality produce from our farmers and top grade meat from partners like licious who share our belief in sustainable agricultural practices.

Yes, our meals are delivered with list of ingredients and nutritional information. Ravioli nutritionists design meals that are macro based and well balanced. Check out our foods on Menu to see how we provide nutritional information for each meal.

Our nutritionists and chefs are always innovating on new meals every week to keep it exciting with new dishes all the time. Our passion for making healthy food comes out in interesting ways at Ravioli. Sometimes we compete and challenge each other to come up with best foods.That being said, our meals repeat if our clients tell us that they really enjoyed certain dishes.

Our lunch meals are delivered just before noon every day. If both lunch and dinner are ordered then both meals are delivered in one run on the same day via Dunzo.

No and there will never be.

No problem! Just call us on +91 8297761289 or email us hello@ravioli.com