Our Services

  • Nutrition Counselling

    During a consultation, our highly trained and certified nutritionists initially assess client’s current medical conditions, eating habits and understand challenges from adopting healthy eating habits . Based on the initial assessment, our nutritionists will identify nutritional, diet and lifestyle factors that are contributing to and/or underlying the symptoms and health conditions that clients are experiencing. Our clients leave consultation with a personalised and safe nutrition and lifestyle programme that is evidence based, and tailored towards individual requirements. We empower our clients knowledge on food and nutrition with our consultation and we start with education on food components - carbs, fat, protein, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and water.

    Our certified nutritionists also provide counselling for family or couples and help reduce the risk of developing heart disease or diabetes or high blood pressure or any other medical condition that trends in the family.

    Contact us today to organize food and nutrition plan for you. If in person visit is next to impossible then we use all the technology in the world to get on the path to healthy living - video call/email/ chat/text :-)

  • Fitness Counselling

    Our fitness experts provide consultation on basic fitness and exercise program design for health and weight management and/or athletic performance. We take time to understand client's current situation, capabilities and challenges before recommending exercise regimen to our clients. Ravioli fitness experts are supporters of comprehensive lifestyle approach that includes clean eating, adequate sleep, stress management, plenty of hydration, and sprint work mixed with cardio on alternate days to optimize fat burning.

    We definitely lead by example. Check out our pictures in gallery and fitness videos on youtube For inspiration and quick tips.

  • Vitamin & Supplementation Counselling

    We are a team of subject matter experts in nutrition and fitness. We believe that modern drugs are just band aids and often lead to nasty side effects and other illnesses. So our Ravioli nutritionists and fitness experts advice on meal supplementation advice only for special nutrition needs or if there is evidence for deficiency in vitamins and minerals. Taking supplements without advice from trained professionals could prove harmful, sometimes cause irreversible effects. That's why we are always researching on various brands and keeping an eye on studies and reports on the usage of supplements that are widely available in the market today. Consult your physician to talk about medical conditions and symptoms before scheduling a consultation with us on vitamins and supplements. Physician’s diagnosis and medical reports are mandatory to consultation on vitamin & supplements.

  • Food & Grocery selection

    Food and grocery shopping might seem like one of the most easiest errands for most of us. But our journey to safety and health should start with food and grocery shopping. Knowing how to select produce, dairy and meat can reduce your chance of foodborne illness. As of today, there are tens of thousands of food products available in supermarkets today. While some products are good and approved by the food safety regulation agencies, some products are only just labeled good in a tricky language. Consultation on food & grocery selection will help one learn what food products to pick, where to pick,how to read labels, which alternatives to choose and which foods to avoid. Based on dietary requirements and likes, we can help choose the right products without giving up favourites. By the end of the consultation our clients not only surround themselves by healthy and nutritious food products but also understand how to make the right decisions at the grocery store as well as at a restaurant.

  • Workplace Wellness

    Ravioli Team also offers workplace wellness programs/workshops to corporates to support employees as they adopt and sustain behaviors that reduce health risks, improve quality of life, enhance personal effectiveness and benefit the organization’s bottom line. A growing number of people are accessing health/nutrition information online via mobile phone and computer. While there is tons of information available online, a workshop or program with an expert in person can make a huge difference in information absorption.

    Path to wellness at workplace starts with assessment of health risks and challenges at workplace. Absenteeism, low back pain, stressed environments are some of the most common issues we came across. Ravioli team suggests programs/workshops that best address the issues at workplace.

  • Fitfood Catering for events

    Whether you are planning a large event or an intimate gathering, are looking for a full, or need a great caterer for your office functions, Ravioli fit foods is the caterer to call. Here are just some of the reasons to use us

    1. Nutritious and healthy foods
    2. Tasty and delicious foods
    3. Global recipes
    4. Flawless service

    Show your guests that you really care about them by offering good and healthy food and let us be your partner in making your events more memorable.